Individual watches - Design your own watch: Unique timepieces that reflect your personality

When it comes to watches, many people want to wear something special that reflects their personality.

Zahnd & Kormann supports you in making the dream of your own personal watch come true.

According to your ideas, a prototype or an entire series production is created step by step.

Your very personal watch - Here's how

We work together with professional designers and various houses from the watchmaking industry and this is how a unique piece or a first prototype is created step by step.

Based on a project that we implemented for a customer in Canada, we would like to explain the process to you.

design phase

  • From the idea to a first design:
    Our designers convert your ideas and conceptions into three initial, rough design proposals. You decide which design proposal to continue with.
  • Finalizing the design:
    Now it's about the details. A final design is created in several steps, which you then finally approve. The design phase is completed with your approval.

Reference project:

The customer from Canada approached us with the following idea / request:

"...Can you make a prototype in titanium (Same ETA movement 7751 day, date, month, moon phase.), with carbon fiber dial...".

A few reviews later, the following designs emerged:

initial design #1

initial design #2

final design prototype watch

Technical drawings

  • Derived from the design, the technical drawings are created, which in turn are accepted by you.

production phase

  • Your dream takes shape and the individual parts, such as the case, the dial, the hands, the bracelet, etc. are made individually for you.

First quality control

  • The manufactured parts are checked down to the last detail


  • The individual parts are assembled here in Switzerland.

Second quality control

  • Accuracy, water resistance, functions, lighting, etc. are checked and recorded in detail by our watchmaker.


  • Your watch is now complete and will be personally handed over to you by us.

Z&K SUPER SPORT 2020 from Allmenfilms on Vimeo .

How long does it take to produce a personalized watch?

Experience has shown that the implementation from design to prototype takes at least 3 months.

This highly depends on the materials you want and the complexity of the movement. But also how long the design phase lasts.

How much does a custom prototype cost?

Here, too, the differences are large. In terms of material and complexity, there are almost no limits.

Whether it's a simple quartz watch or complex mechanical complications à la Pathek Philippe (...or at least close to it...), anything is possible.

We would be happy to make you an individual offer.

The reference project used on this page cost around CHF 10,000.00 to implement.

Does the guarantee also apply to such unique watches?

Yes, you also have a two-year guarantee from the date of delivery on watches made especially for you


Having a custom watch designed and made is a great way to own a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your personality.

It is important to have patience and have faith. We are always at your disposal for your inquiries, queries and concerns.