about us

How it all began

We, that is Roger Zahnd and Florian Kormann, two longtime friends from Bern and Thun, who founded the Zahnd & Kormann watch brand in 2016.

With the successful launch of the ZK No.1 chronograph on Kickstarter in 2017 and around 250 watches sold, we took the first step back then.

We started our adventure as complete novices in the watchmaking industry and gradually built up and expanded our know-how. Along the way we have met many interesting people, formed partnerships and made friends.

But it was and is by no means always easy for a small brand to survive on the watch market. And if we were to claim that everything has gone smoothly and easily on our journey to this day, then we would be lying, but we love what we do and don't regret any of the many sleepless nights. On the contrary. We'd do it all over again... Just a little smarter than before.

2017 Our first project on Kickstarter - Die ZK No.1

2020 - The ZK No.2 diver's watch is born

2020 - Sponsoring of Cédric Freiburghaus and CF Watch Project

2022 - ZK No.1.2 and Aviation

Our motivation

In everything we do, the focus is on the awareness that our time is not forever and that we want to get the most out of every moment. The maximum of passion, quality and dedication for this project and your watch.

This, the here and now, is all of our time and the opportunity to realize visions, learn new things and take a step forward every day.

Thank you for accompanying us on this path and supporting us.

Roger and Florian

Roger Zahnd und Florian Kormann vor der Zytglogge in Bern